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Viagra Monologues: tales of sex, money and medicine

About Viagra Monologues

Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine will be a documentary film that explores Viagra's effect on American sexual culture. It will also highlight delicate relationship between the needs of capital and the social responsibility of medicine.

The film approaches the Viagra phenomenon from several angles:

It traces the development of a medicine originally marketed to enable men with a number of purely physical maladies to attain and maintain an erection.

Viagra Monologues exposes the degree to which Viagra and similar medications are now being used as recreational drugs, with men often keeping their use secret from their partners.

It also examines how the drug has become a huge profit center for Pfizer, one of the world's largest multinational corporations, and is marketed relentlessly to both physicians and consumers.

Dozens of interviews with men and women from all over America will constitute the heart of the film. These range from the hilarious to the gut-wrenchingly poignant. These entertaining and illumination interviews serve to underline the pervasive effect Viagra has had on American culture.

Among the many issues covered in these interviews will be:

The epidemic of secret Viagra use - the men who keep their partners ignorant of their Viagra use.
The effect on women who now wonder, "Does he or doesn't he?" We'll find out how women, including prostitutes, porn stars and grandmothers, feel about the drug.
The commercial aspects of the Viagra phenomenon, including candid comments from pharmaceutical reps and ad agency people discussing their role in making the drug a huge success.

These wide-ranging interviews will be inter-cut with archival photos, Viagra commercials, and references from popular media to illustrate the points made the monologists.

The documentary will take on this important subject with frankness, intelligence, humer, and compassion. After watching Viagra Monologues, you'll never see the "little blue pill" or your partner in the same way.

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Could Be Used As Recreational Drug

image name Viagra could be used as a recreational drug.

- Dr. David O, MD
Best Sex Ever!

image name I use Viagra and I am telling you personally you will have the best sex ever!

- Tom Cris

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About Field Glass Films

Field Glass Films is committed to creating compelling documentaries that focus on questions of sex, crime, money, race, and class. Using these issues as a lens, we analyze larger aspects of our society and the nature of humanity.

Thus we're always uncovering the mysteries of the commonplace, looking at the familiar in new ways. Once we decide to focus on a subject, we pursue it in depth. We believe in letting the subjects tell their own stories, but we always go after the whole picture, making connections and providing context.

We are not interested in solely addressing documentary buffs or preaching to the converted, but rather in reaching broad audiences with our message. Therefore the subject matter of our documentaries are those which infuse popular culture and as such have wide commercial appeal.

We're based in New York City and interested in working with foreign or domestic production partners who want to be involved in the creation of important, realistically budgeted documentary films with significant commercial potential.

About James James Franklin

James Franklin: producer/director

image name
"He is a great observer and sees quite through the deeds of men."
Julius Caesar speaks of his rival Cassius

Semi-retired from careers in the import-export, home improvement contracting, parking ticket resolution, college counseling, household moving and classic car restoration, this man has, at last, has found his true calling: producer and director of documentary films.

While some might contend that his resume denotes a certain aimlessness, Franklin rather sees it as a life moving among different social strata, collecting influences and observations from the inside, all of which inform his vision as a documentarian. "We should know aobut hte lives of penguins, poor Indian kids and war crimes in Iraq, but I've different tales to tell," he says. His artistic and intellectual influences include the works of Hieronymus Bosch, Karl Marx, John Coltrane, Wilhelm Reich, Errol Morris, and Malcolm X.

Franklin believes while there are many well-intentioned documentaries, what is really needed is more "forensic" film-making, meaning forensic as originally defined: where facts are revealed for the purpose of promoting public discussion or argument.

Thus his goal is to make films in which the guilty are exposed and the innocent absolved, and we are forced to realize that there's some of each within us.

About Josh Folan

image name Josh Folan is a producer, writer, director and actor with professional credits dating back to 2005, prior to which he studied finance at The Ohio State University. His first proprietary feature-length film venture, the romantic thriller All God's Creatures, was released through Osiris Entertainment in May of 2012. Folan wrote, produced and starred in the film, which premiered at the 2011 Hoboken International Film Festival where it was nominated for best screenplay and best actress (Jessica Kaye). Slacker buddy comedy What Would Bear Do? is his second feature. Folan wrote, produced and starred in it as well, in addition to taking on directorial duties for the first time. The low-budget indie how-to case study Filmmaking, the Hard Way is his first crack at writing a book, and you can follow him (@joshfolan) and his production company, NYEH Entertainment (@nyehentertains ::, on twitter and facebook if you'd like to keep up with his concoctions. There is also the NYEH Entertainment mailing list if you like emails.

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